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“Blast Of Silence’s” Similar Scene, 13 Years Before “The Godfather: Part 2”

December 19, 2021

First of all, let me be clear, while Blast of Silence (directed by and starring Allen Baron, who as with “Doggy Doc,” was born in 1927 and is still alive) seen today on TCM is a very good film, it does not compare, nor do very many with either of the first two Godfather films.

However, a scene in “Blast of Silence” had more than one major similarity to the one in “2,” in which the young “Vito,”(Corleone) played by Robert De Niro, is in a stairway and climbs down from the roof of a New York City building.

Check out either film and write in with the similarities, remembering ‘Silence” was made 13 years before “The Godfather: Part 2.” “Blast of Silence” premiered in 1961.

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