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Otherwise Decent Dinich, Reg Season Wins, Of Beano And More College Pig

November 14, 2021

I start with this from the decent Dinich, (first name Heather), though she is a bit too favorable toward her school, Notre Dame, not anywhere near as bad in that way or in terms of competence as Hannah Storm, for sure. (Cue the Valley Girls and most of them are no better, the men for the most part are also awful!!).

  • Heather DinichESPN Senior Writer

The ACC was a longshot to begin with this season, but dropped out of the playoff conversation after Wake Forest lost at North Carolina on Nov. 6. That from Dinich.

Clemson was at worst rated #3, their regular season wins total was 11 and a half (the over doing of religious/God made us win Dabo Swinney rhetoric caught up to him this year as the Clemson Tigers are (7-3) and certainly bad for their bettors at (2-8) ATS, one cover win coming on one of those B.S. lateral plays) thus they/The ACC was NOT a longshot, far from it to have a team in the 4 participants college football ‘offs.

Next regarding Notre Dame, again winning the games they are supposed to win, under “hard ass,” good, but far from great coach, Brian Kelly, why is Oklahoma, likely out of it, after only 4 point dog, Baylor “got them” in Waco, deemed an ‘offs undesirable,” because of them getting blown out in previous while Notre Dame, beaten decisively in the ’12 title tilt and in both the ’18 and ’20 semis, often gets a pass?

Also regarding Notre Dame, Beano Cook’s intense dislike for them, fueled his anti betting, something I do also (“as well” would not be appropriate, for myriad reasons, one being Beano knew how to cash it, while I am stuck in perpetual (worse than) neutral), give Kelly and Notre Dame credit for an easy over 8 and a half wins, that cashes early and easily. (nada is official in any of them, unless the teams play all the tilts and yesterday COVID issues caused the cancellation of Cal/USC with reg season wins bets also cancelled, I believe).

Likely, they will not make the 4 team ‘off (please Dinich, do not, a la Storm, start clamoring for them to make it. Simply, Georgia, even a 2 loss, if one is to Georgia, Alabama team, Ohio State, Michigan, Oregon and others are more deserving, Georgia, ‘Bama and Ohio State would be double digit plus favorites vs them. Cincinnati, still and likely/hopefully to go unbeaten, beat Notre Dame at Notre Dame, the only loss for Notre Dame in a “Tirico” game. The Tirico/Notre Dame association qualifies as cruel and unusual punishment for me, hearing him (I shut the sound and usually do not watch) “doing” Notre Dame.

It also tells me all about how big a whore Tirico is, given he is half Black and Notre Dame’s “we will take it, but did it have to be with a Black Q.B. (Tony Rice) when they claimed their most recent title in ’88 (hopefully last, however, this is insane on my part and even the wealthy Beano’s, as they are always around. Alas Beano talked of them and his other anti, Penn State, especially under Paterno, not winning, while he was alive. It is NOT healthy on my part, however scars from ’73,’77 and ’88 remain. I know they did not deserve ’66 either, but I once tolerated, even liked them. Ebersol, NBC, Storm and others, even the great Joe Montana made me dislike them so much more, which again is not good)

A certain “bookie” is lucky the “old man” died as he/Beano would have “cleaned the bookie’s clock” (the bookie still easily could have afforded it) as Notre Dame has been a good to excellent betting proposition in at least 7, maybe 8 or 9 of the ten seasons since Beano died with big bets on them in October of the 2012 season.

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