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Remembering Sam Huff

November 15, 2021

One of the greats, part of an unbelievable, mutual respect rivalry and other legendary comparisons, Sam Huff, who was diagnosed with dementia years back, passed away at age 87.

Memories flow, the aforementioned mutual respect rivalry with the great Jim Brown and Mr. Kermit “Kenny” Weiner often reminding me of “his” Huff stopping “my” Brown.

Jim and Sam had great respect for each other and their rivalry within the great Giants/Browns such, moved the NFL to great heights.

Mr. Huff played in 6 title games in 8 seasons, his Giants winning the first (47-7) in 1956, but losing in the next 5, most notably in the consensus “greatest game/most important game” vs the Baltimore Colts and Mr. Unitas in 1958.

Sam was perhaps a bit over rated, clearly fellow middle linebacker, (Detroit’s) Joe Schmidt was just as good, if not better, some/most, even Giants’ fans say.

However, the Sam led New York Giants’ defense, again was so important to both the Giants’ and the league’s success (too successful and powerful now, but that is a different story).

The great Walter Cronkite narrated “The Violent World of Sam Huff” a prime time CBS Special, before Mr. Cronkite was either the network’s news anchor or “the most trusted man in America.”

Jim Brown praised the intelligence of the Giants’ defensive unit, masterminded by Tom Landry, its coordinator, citing “every man knew his place and assignment.”

Specifically regarding Sam, Jim and it moves me so, said Sam “attached himself to me quite often,” and I add in doing so football and my liking it grew. The garbage/greed it has largely become, does not take away my memories of greats such as Sam Huff.


refer to caption

The great Sam Huff pictured above and long ago.

Sam was not happy, to say the least when he was dealt to Washington after the 1963 season. He did go on to play there and along with fellow football great Sonny Jurgensen and good announcer Frank Herzog, form a fine broadcasting trio, that chronicled “Wash” games for many years, during which they went (3-1) in games for the NFL crown. Thus in 10 such, “Huff’s teams” were (4-6).

Earlier this year, we lost the great Henry Aaron, who had campaigned for John F. Kennedy, in Aaron’s playing state of Wisconsin. The Braves titled, albeit with only 88 “reg” season wins.

Mr. Huff campaigned for Mr. Kennedy in the key home state of Sam, West Virginia and yesterday, while Huff’s first team, the Giants, had a bye, his second, the “Wash” team, “barked” outright plus 10, vs (Tom) Brady (he is seeking to play for the NFL crown for a 6th time in 8 seasons, (Sam did it in ’56, ’58,’59 and ’61-’63), having won it in ’14,’16, ’18 and ’20 and lost in such a game in ’17) and the now (6-3) defending champion, “Champa”/Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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