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More NFL Schedule/Redux Notes

November 13, 2021

Last week, I cited that there were 5 Super Bowl rematches. In those 5 tilts last week, the team that lost the Supe won in 4 of the 5 games as the (4-5) Colts covered and all teased the (2-6) Jets, the (7-2) Titans (the Jets were once the Titans) upset the (7-2) Rams, the (5-4) Broncos plus 10’d the (6-2) Cowboys in a “piped in Burkhardt tilt, we probably have to endure him and yet another Cowboys’ game this week as well (no BAD!!), while the (5-4) Chiefs no covered the (7-2) Rodgersless, he of no “vac,” Pack, (it rhymes and tells much about supposedly intelligent Rodgers and I add the never shuts up Smoltz, two no “vac-ers,” in these hype gambling (the latest are the Mannings, the glorified WHORES that they are!) times.

(5-4) New England covered, something they did not do in winning the 2003 Supe, vs the Panthers. This year “Car” which started (3-0) is (4-5). None of the 4 teams that had covered in the teams’ Supe clash, covered last week. The Supe between the Rams and Titans was on the #, the 7 point “fave” Rams winning by 7.

This week no Supe rematches, but 4 conference title tilts/semis are on tap.

One and it moves the needle toward positive memories, in this perhaps bitter soul, yet I applaud my stance vs hypocrisy, matches the (5-3) Raiders hosting the (5-4) Chiefs. The teams met in Oakland in the last AFL Title tilt, with the Chiefs winning in route to a Super Bowl crown.

Before that Supe, Len Dawson was highly criticized and worse for supposed gambling ties, now the NFL promotes it shamelessly, has a Las Vegas team and none of it sticks me as hard as the Mannings, especially that big game fraud, “PAY” Peyton promoting it.

Elsewhere 10 point dog, Carolina seeks to repeat its 2015 NFC title tilt win vs (8-1) Arizona. Let me continue vs “Pay” as he did win the subsequent Supe vs “Car,” but did he do much? NO! He did little in his other Supe win and failed beyond words, playing poorly in so many big games. Trust me, he is an “aw shucks” phony, who would step over or even on you to suit himself. It is not as bad as Trump or even Steven A. Smith, as of course Manning, despite what I cite, was a great quarterback (just not that great and highly over rated), but why is this guy and Eli (no choir boy) and Archie (certainly not one) given everything?!!

Two more and no more vitriol, I apologize for the excess, the (3-5) 49ers are a field goal plus u/dogs vs the Rams in a 1989 NFC title game redux. “S.F.” won that game in route to a repeat Supe crown.

Of course Nantz has to get any CBS game at venerable Lambeau Field and he will preside, as Seattle is the third of the four (K.C. is about a FG/fave to repeat its semi win vs the Raiders so many years ago) to be a dog (3 plus point(s), in a bid to repeat a “semi”/Conference title tilt victory.

In a game I recall for current Dallas coach Mike McCarthy’s unbelievable, cowardly decision not to go for a TD at the Sea 1, early on, the Seahawks, whose current version is (3-5), OT’d the Packers, only to lose to Mr. Brady (love him or intensely dislike him, he is best with 7 crowns. He even won last year despite an association with Jim Gray, which eventually will stain him as though a “shop” project) and New England in the Supe.

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