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Remembering Ed Lucas

November 11, 2021

Something made me call Ed Lucas two days before he died yesterday, on my birthday, at age 82. His wife Allisson told me he was in bad shape and suffering, thus it was not a surprise, when news came that Ed Lucas, a good man with indomitable spirit, had passed away.

He was a baseball expert, personable, caring and did I cite that he lost his vision many years ago?!

My fond memories of Ed center around his great friendship with a man, Phil Rizzuto, I grew to admire as a chart riser, I wish my stocks could follow.

Together they worked and ran a golf tournament to benefit St. Joseph’s School For The Blind in New Jersey. That school had been of immeasurable assistance to Mr. Lucas, after he lost his eyesight before age 20.

Once when I was interviewing Phil, Ed’s name came up, as of course he did so much in organizing the golf event, bearing Mr. Rizzuto’s name.

Suddenly Phil said, “I heard he drove a cart (golf cart). I told Phil that I had seen him do so and that he maneuvered it out of a tight spot, that many with sight could not have done.

That was a microcosm of Ed Lucas’ life in which he accomplished so much, all the while maintaining kindness and caring for others.

I am truly fortunate to have met Ed and I hope he, my camera man/friend Tony Ancona and Phil have a good time in the far better place, all three such helpful individuals deserve.

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