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The “B’s” Have It

November 9, 2021

Yesterday two of the “B’s” that won current titles, U.S. President Joe “B”iden and the NBA title winning Milwaukee “B”ucks converged at the White House.

All 5 other current major sports title teams have a “B” or of sorts in its name, with the Atlanta “B”raves the most recent addition, as for the third straight time in a title clincher they shutout their opponent (Lou “B”urdette doing so with a complete game in ’57 and with combined shutouts in both ’95 and last week. Dick Rudolph allowed but one run and went the distance in pitching the Braves to the first of 4 titles as a Boston team and clinching it at still going, Fenway Park back in 1914. “B”y the way Mr. “B”urdette won 3 games in that ’57 World Series, including shutouts in #’s 5 and 7, something only Sandy Koufax in same calendar 1965, also accomplished. Completing the “chock full” tangent, ’twas 56 years ago today that a great blackout hit the Northeast).

Two Tampa “B”ay teams, the NFL “B”uccaneers and the lone current repeat champion, NHL Lightning join college kings, “B”aylor in hoops and this a stretch,”B”ama/(Alabama) in “pig” as the other “B” title holders.

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