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(Almost) “Every “Dog” Had A Day,” –Yet I “Dogged” It

November 8, 2021

The favorite backing suckers, I mean players, now urged on to bet by ads that include Phil Simms’ descent from excellent quarterback to bad announcer yielding the far worse/non winner Romo and further down into sell out, had won for 3 straight weeks, something virtually unprecedented, before losing big last week.

Yesterday it was carnage for them and worse than losing for one who knows the score which is that none of us know anything, namely me. It was “my kind of “dog day afternoon” that carried into the night with “Alfalfa” and the unbearable, never, ever quiet Collinsworth presiding “under” (7-2) Tennessee plus 7 and a fraction (28-16) at L.A. vs the now (6-2) Rams. This one hurt the most as I let a “roto rooter,” (I can be one, I hate to admit as I approach 66, if they “screw” with me) get me.

Trust me, I am glad that I bet small and though I must battle the disease each day, I have done what few have, namely ignore any betting except sports, where rooting and worse anti-rooting have hurt me far more than any gambling. Add the fact, I suffer sitting alone with no forum for my great knowledge and passion regarding sports, while so many exponentially less qualified prosper, is a true hell that does not help.

Anyway, after the Colts covered and all teased the Jets on Thursday night (by the way, only New England, whose ex ‘Bama (Oh Barack, do not you know that when you praise the ilk of Tony Kornheiser or Stuart Scott, it cheapens the rightful praise you have heaped on Edward Brooke, Ted Kennedy or the immortal/courageous John Lewis) QB, Mac Jones, one I like, pulled on a defender’s ankle in a non penalty called “dirty play,” capping a week of the Ruggs tragedy, Henry injury (Tenn won anyway and though this s–t is p–ny, one would think Henry being out is bad for them, but again who knows?!1, and a “mailed in” (20-14) Alabama not even close to a cover as a 4 TD plus fave in a Fowler tilt (SEC, ‘Bama/LSU and Fowler, why?!!!) vs LSU), KO’d a “dog teaser.”

Sorry for the excessive tangents. 12 NFL tilts so far, Pitts minus 6 vs Chi tonight, only Carolina among the 12 underdogs was KO’d in a teaser. 8 underdogs covered, the big stat being 6 won outright, including 14 plus point(s) u/dog “Jax” vs Buffalo and 10 point underdog, Denver, dealing (6-2) Dallas its first loss vs the spread, as with “Mr. Ed”/Elway there, the Broncos scored the game’s first 30 points and cruised to a (30-16) win.

That is far from it, as aforementioned 7 plus point(s), “dog” “Tenn” outrighted the Rams, TD dog Atlanta (27-25’d) New Orleans while Arizona, no Ky Murray, no problem cruised as a bet from 2 to 5 point “dog” at S.F. By the way, the Cards sans a crown since their lone such while based in Chicago in 1947 (that is “reverse the digits” 74 years ago and an ignored by me, omen was that inexplicably, while in Connecticut two days back, as a passenger in “Anne Sam’s” car, out the window stood a “billboard type,” not with the Giants, Jets or Pats schedule, but that of the Arizona Cardinals), have the top NFL mark at (7-1).

The 2 and a fraction point underdog Browns won at Cincy, while the field goal u/dog, Giants won by a touchdown vs the Las Vegas (what a day for the “books” out there!!) Raiders. Balti no covered Minne, winning by 3 in OT while KC let GB in the “back door,” a late GB TD yielding a 7 plus point(s) fave K.C. “by 6” no cover.

Faves L.A. Chargers, bet vs from 2 plus to just a 1 point such and Miami also bet vs (thus the books won and the schmucks lost on those as well) 7 to 5, won by 3 and 8 respectively vs Philly and Houston.

The week before Josh Allen celebrated wildly on the TD that covered the ‘Phins, in my opinion a “no no.” His “Buff” blew as 2 td plus faves, while Miami covered.

Also last week the Rams up (38-0) somehow did not cover as say 17 point faves vs Houston. Yesterday Houston, though alive in the tease lost to the spread.

However, the Rams, still a viable threat to win it all, down “the comeback” (21-3) score at half, lost. I lost because I only won “peanuts,” on a day that was the proverbial “w-t dream,” for dog bettors, such as myself.

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