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World Series Home/Road Configuration And Other Notes

November 7, 2021

Holy esoteric, Andy B, however, here goes.

The just completed Atlanta Braves’ 6 game (road team win, home team wins games (2-4), road team wins 5th and 6th games) triumph/configuration vs the Houston Astros is the first such home/road configuration in the 117 year World Series annals.

However, it almost mirrored two previous World Series (’48 and ’92, each a 6 game Braves’ World Series loss) that had the same home/road win(s) configuration.

In both 1948 (that year and this one have the same calendar) and 1992, the Braves lost the then “Classic,” in 6 games, respectively as the Boston Braves to Cleveland and as Atlanta to Toronto.

Each of those W.S. manifested in home/road/home/home/road/road wins in the 6 games. This year the road team and then the home team won the first two and otherwise the next four were the same home or road wins as in ’48 and ’92.

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