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Some NFL, 5 Supe Reduxes (Reduxi? Reducies?) In This The 9th Week

November 6, 2021

Have I cited any pro or for that matter any, “pig,”/football at any point this season?! I think not.

In tribute to the late great Val Pinchbeck, a long time “maker” of the NFL schedule and I guess those making it now, some notes and updates regarding the NFL, follow.

There are 5 Super Bowl rematches this week, including those of the first and third such tilts, which respectively affirmed NFL superiority (Green Bay 35 Kansas City 10) and gave the then recent merger credibility, (Jets 16 Colts 7).

Already, the 10 plus point(s) “faves,” the now (4-5) Colts won by 15 (45-30), vs the now (2-6) Jets two days back. In the aforementioned third Supe, the Jets were 18 point(s) or so underdogs.

Due to the fact Aaron Rodgers tested positive for the still very much with us, COVID 19, (Rodgers has a superior IQ, however, he as in the case of the over analytical, John Smoltz, another excellent player, refused to get vaccinated–as Ray Collins as “Trask” said on a “Perry Mason” episode, “oy gevalt”), (4-4) K.C. which is (3-15-1) vs the point spread in their last 19 games, is a 7 plus point(s) favorite at home in the late Sunday afternoon “Bucky-Boo-er.”

The Chiefs have won 2 Supes and in each a Buck “crowned” them, Jack in the 4th such vs the “(0-4) in Supes, Vikings,” and his offspring (look I am way too intense in my rants vs one Joe Buck.However, he has everything and flaunts it. His “at the wallllll” elongated calls, a la the deteriorating, yet infinitely better than the farce named Tirico, who will replace him on NBC “pig” coverage, Al Michaels, indicate he is at best mediocre in play by play. His father, so much better on local Cards broadcasts when being a homer actually helped, was no bargain either. Hey Pat Cooper would say “another bargain”–think of me as a Pat Cooper ripping almost all sports announcers of today) “crowned” the Chiefs in 2019, via a “Feb” 2020, pre pandemic? win vs the S.F. 49ers.

This week, powerful Dallas now a 150 to1 “sure shot” to win the NFC East and only a 5 to 1 “vs” to win the NFC and if so play the last “Alfalfa”/Al Michaels Supe on NBC, a network on which they won 3 titles in 4 seasons (somehow NBC got the ’92 and ’93 season Supes and then after “Alfalfa and the gang” (reference to the show intended, but only after I thought Alfalfa and the crew as “gang,” did I realize it) “ABC’d” the ’94 season tilt, did so again in the ’95 season version.

Dallas eased and routed Buffalo in the ’93 and ’92 Supes and this season the (5-2) Bills are plurality faves as 2 to 1 “dogs” to gain Super Bowl entry. In the other Dallas NBC Supe, they “no covered” the Steelers. Pittsburgh is (4-4) thus far this season.

“Alfalfa” Michaels also “called” the “on the #” by 7 (this week as was the case in the ’99 season Supe, except with the “hook”/half point, the Rams are again that “Mantle” # vs the Titans) Rams 7 point victory vs the Titans in the ’99 season Super Bowl. On Sunday night he calls their “reg” tilt. The Rams are (7-1) but only tied with Arizona (Michaels has Arizona ties, he attended Arizona State U) in their “div.” Tennessee, unfortunately without star runner and run into the ground by Vrabel, Derrick Henry, enters the tilt (6-2).

It was not a good week for ex Alabama football stars, Henry’s injury and the tragic circumstances surrounding one Henry Ruggs, now no longer with the (5-2) Las Vegas (you think Vegas and the drinking go together?!!!) Raiders.

The 5th Supe redux matches the 3 plus point(s) (4-4) New England Patriots, with last year’s national title winning QB, Mac Jones, no relation to my man “Mockin” Mack Jones, once of the Braves, and with either a 2-11 or 12 or 3-11 or 12 “Strato” home run, which Mr. Brown, rolled far often than the odds would dictate, facing the (4-4) Carolina Panthers, who broke a  4 game loss skein, last week).

N.E. no covered Carolina, riding a second Supe winning, I believe, game ending Adam Vinatieri field goal to do so and win by 3, as 6 or 7 point “faves,” (I went for a 6 and 7 and as with almost all the things in my life, failed to get it) in that 2003 season Supe.

Let me add that Greg Gumbel, never to be confused with Ray Scott as great or Pat Summerall as very good, has improved a great deal. Once he was the CBS top banana (I am heading to hedge fund capital, Greenwich, Connecticut to a diner, NOT a mansion–evoking current top banana, Nantz there now) and was the “lead” when N.E. no covered Carolina, now nearly 18 years ago.

The also great Curt Gowdy, not as great as Ray, let me “Richard Nixon” (another guy, who has “improved”) “make that perfectly clear,” was on Jets/Colts (NBC) and in dual coverage, he on NBC and Mr. Scott, perhaps Buck/others? on CBS “did” Pack/Chiefs. “Super” Summerall was on Cowboys/Broncos.

Gowdy, Nixon, Summerall and Ray Scott are dead, Gumbel and Michaels get to call reduxes of Supes they called respectively 22 and 18 years ago.


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