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“Bucky Boo”/(Joe Buck) “I See You’ Crown First Time “Bucky Boo” Title Winners

November 4, 2021

For once not to criticize, but also not to praise “Bucky Boo”/Joe Buck.

He just “broadcast?” his 24th World Series and now 11 teams have one title won with Buck “broadcasting.”

The Yankees and Red Sox lead with four each, the former winning titles in ’96,’98,’2000 and 2009 with Buck, while Boston, which had not titled in 86 won in 2004,2007,2013 (by the way the last team to clinch the crown (it appears “Spencer” about Diana is a good film) at home and 2018.

San Francisco’s Giants have 3 “Buck” crowns, the first ending a 56 year title drought, (’10,’12,’14) while “Every Body’s Talking At Me’s” childhood team, the St. Louis Cardinals, have two. (’06.’11).

Eleven teams have one such crown, the ’01 Diamondbacks,’02 Angels,’03 Marlins, ’05 White Sox, who ended an 88 year title drought, the ’08 Phillies, ’15 Royals, ’16 Cubs, who ended a 108 year title drought, the Astros in ’17, which was their first and I guess sadly, their lone crown in their 59 completed seasons, the ’19 Washington Nationals, their first franchise title in 50 completed seasons as the Expos and Nationals, the 2020, 60 game season Dodgers, ending a 32 year title drought and now a first Braves’ crown in 26 years.

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