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The (88-73) Atlanta Braves Win Their Second Title

November 3, 2021

World Series MVP, Jorge Soler hit a 3RHR with 2 out in the top of the third inning, which gave the Atlanta Braves the lead to stay, as they blanked the Houston Astros (7-0) in #6 (no 30 million for “Mattress Mac,” still and likely never, a managerial World Series title for Dusty Baker and I “paid” “so” Fox did not get a 7th), to win their second World Series as the Atlanta Braves, accounting for the only 2 Atlanta major North American sports league crowns in a combined 181  completed seasons. (Thus it was one title in 180 completed seasons, 55 Falcons, 54 Braves, 53 Hawks, 11 (once NHL, now as Winnipeg Jets, Thrashers) and 7 (once NHL, now in Calgary), Flames.

Max Fried got the victory, pitching 6 shutout frames, while Dansby Swanson, who hit, perhaps the key blow of the series, a game tying solo homer in #4 (Soler followed with a pinch homer, one of 3 he hit, as he deservedly won the series MVP, cashing at 35 to 1 for one, Jason Weingarten–I listened to a ViSN clown and wasted a “fin” (that’s right bet small, if at all) on Joc Pederson, he of the pearls around his neck which adorn along with a second consecutive title ring, won with L.A. (Dodgers) last season in a “bubble,” overcoming a (3-1) NLCS deficit to the Braves in route) vs Christian Javier, belted a 2RHR vs him, making it (5-0) Atlanta T5.

Houston fell to (3-9) in home World Series games, having lost 6 of 7, since a (13-12) #5/’17 W.S. home win gave them a 3-2 series lead vs L.A. in an eventual 7 game triumph, (note the 3’s and 2’s, alas Houston is (1-3) in World Series play, as Atlanta, the Braves are (2-4), all-time they are (4-6)– Atlanta is (2-6) (the Falcons are 0-2), in final round entities, while Houston also with just one other final round participant (the Rockets) are (3-5).

It is I believe a record 7th straight time a road team clinched the World Series (’14-2021, last year was at a neutral site, L.A. did bat last in their clincher).

They/road teams did so for 6 straight seasons from (’54-’59, in a 7th game from ’55-’58, all involving the Yankees.

Dusty Baker teams, with him as a player (2-7),an N.L. manager (1-7) and A.L. manager with league shifting Houston (Astros) (3-3), are now (6-17) in Tuesday post-season games.


Jorge Soler 2019.jpg

Jorge Soler, pictured above.

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