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Braves Again FAIL “To Take The 5th” Up (3-1), This Time Dissipating a (4-0) Lead

November 1, 2021

Sorry, Bradford Doolittle and ESPN, where are your editors?!!

This is still up on  I thought you would have to take my word for it. However, here/there it is at 1:36 P.M. but Doolittle, their editors and especially ESPN, with its unbearable programming and power, will go on. 

Here it is!!

“At that point, history was not on Houston’s side. The Braves became the first team to score four runs in a potential World Series clincher since the 1961 Yankees, who went on to cruise to a 13-5 win over the Reds to win the title 60 years ago.”

I know you meant 4 runs in the first inning, but again you are well paid, (I sure as h–l, am not) get it correct!!

Also the result was not good for those of us rooting for the World Series to end and deny the unbearable Buck and Smoltz another game.

How could 45 year man Snitker (Baker called him that, I do not grant him “Brian,” as he had (4-0) “wood” and let an unknown (Tyler Davidson) yield 2 right back and compound that “sin,” by bringing him out for the third inning) do what he did?!!

Teams down (3-1) in a Braves’ best of 7 are now (1-11) in game 5, the Braves are (0-7), (0-6) as Atlanta, (0-2) this year and (0-3) the last two seasons.

They fell to (5-18) (reverse of John Podres in 1961) in Sunday post-season tilts as the Atlanta Braves.

Fox has been blessed, (me cursed) again hearing Buck and Smoltz, with a #7 World Series game in 3 of the 5 “Smoltz” seasons, 3 of 4 not played in a bubble/neutral site.

The ‘Stros are 6 to 5 faves to make it happen again. I think I have enough on Houston to avoid that, but is not my attitude, at least as pathetic, if not more so than the fact it is Buck and Smoltz.

In some shame, I admit that it is.

Alas, home after the excellent “Brecht on Brecht,” I saw T1, turned on “Psycho,” went to sleep, awoke/bathroom/call to the phone scores (by the way nobody was ever better or even as good as me, doing that back in the day, for Score Phone, a “welcher” named Dominick owes me 2K, but as with all of this, there is nada, I can do. I will let it go!!) heard Atl first and with 5, but when I heard “Hous” 4, I was negative, not even knowing it was at one time, (4-0) Atlanta.

Tomorrow I will try to watch. If you can’t beat them, endure them!!!

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