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Huge, Sloppy ESPN.COM Factual Error

October 17, 2021


Maybe, even hopefully the Atlanta Braves, sans a World Series appearance since 1999 and a World Series winner just once in their 22 previous ‘offs appearances as Atlanta (they split in 2 W.S. appearances, the only ‘offs scheduled in both Boston and Milwaukee. Also, in noting this is the third time the Dodgers and Braves have met in an entity to decide the National League champion, the teams met in an unscheduled best of 3 ‘off, to determine the ’59 N.L. crown. Already, in L.A. from Brooklyn, the Dodgers won 2 straight in ’59 and last year 7’d the Braves, in the “bubble type” ‘offs, in route to their first World Series win in 32 years) will circumvent their Sunday ‘offs jinx and take a (2-0) NLCS lead vs the Dodgers. Maybe, even hopefully, they will win the series.

For now they lead (1-0), no big deal. Austin Riley was the hero, but ESPN.Com with incredible shoddy research put the following out:

“With the twin heroics, Riley continued a breakout season and joined an exclusive list of players in Braves history to have a game-tying hit and a game-winning hit in the same playoff contest: Tony Gonzalez (1969), Hank Aaron (1969), Michael Tucker (1998) and Brian Jordan (1999).”

Oddly the game last night was on the 52nd anniversary of the Mets glorious 1969 World Series clinching win. They achieved it, first SWEEPING the Braves, then winning (4-1) vs a great Baltimore Orioles team. There were just 2 rounds of ‘offs and the Braves failed to win a game. Thus neither the great, late Mr. Aaron, whose #44 adorns the current Braves uniform as tribute, or Mr. Gonzalez achieved what was said above. They did NOT get a game winning hit as Atlanta did NOT win a playoff game in 1969.

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