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“Chi” Sky Win The WNBA Crown

October 18, 2021

Yesterday amidst the baseball, pro pig and tennis action (I went to the dentist and hope to keep missing it), the (16-16) Chicago Sky (8-2) in the ‘offs, including 2 single elimination game wins, overcame an 11 point 4th quarter deficit and (minus 4 plus) (80-74) vs Phoenix (Mercury) to win their first WNBA crown.

Their NBA counterpart, Bulls have 6, none since ’98 when a certain “Mr. Jordan,” not the character in “Heaven Can Wait or “Here Comes Mr. Jordan” or even the one named Michael that dated the lovely Dale Alden, outside my (still) window stopped playing there, and this “Chi” comeback at home in a Sunday clincher, evoked memories of the Bulls game 6, second title clincher, coming from way back to beat Portland in ’92.

On a day the local Arizona Cardinals went to (6-0) the city of Phoenix, first the Suns, like the Mercury series “faves” with home advantage now has lost both the 2021 NBA and WNBA final.


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