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Dodgers Into 5th NLCS in 6 Seasons

October 15, 2021

The Los Angeles Dodgers rode Codey Bellinger’s (I do not care what he hit in the “reg,” Mr. Bellinger is a clutch “ringer,” and has been such for L.A.– now, in my opinion, a too high, 11 to 5 fave vs the Braves in the NLCS.) 1 out, rbi single , T9 to (2-1) 107 wins S.F. and advance to their 5th NLCS in 6seasons, missing only in 2019 when eventual champion, wild card Washington (Nationals) rallied to beat them, led by eventual World Series star, Howie Kendrick.

L.A. has now won 6 straight tilts, facing elimination, all in the past two seasons, 3 each year. The Giants had won 6 straight decisive entity games games, last losing one in the 7th game of the 2002 World Series.

As per their history, better and near great Giants’ teams such as this one and certainly the ones with 5 future Hall of Famers, (Willie Mays, Willie McCovey, Juan Marichal, Orlando Cepeda and Gaylord Perry), came up short, juxtaposed with not so hot/”value” teams, such as their namesake NFL counterparts in ’07, ’11 and maybe even ’90, the baseball Giants winning it all in 2010,2012 and 2014.

Alas ’twas a “quarter” matching a 107 wins eventual loser and 106 wins “div” winner, but I strongly disagree with and frankly resent Vin Scully calling last night’s game, the most important in Giants vs Dodgers annals.

Bobby Thomson and yes Ralph Branca and even Stan Williams will be waiting to register their protest at your ridiculous assertion, Mr. Scully. Alas too much of that “over rate the moment hype,” might require extra lessons by the Jesuits, for “walk on water” Scully, who again showed why he, as with all of us, does NOT.

Worse was Brian Kenny, so hopped up in his showing of previous history between the teams. It is Mathewson not Matheson, Mr. Kenny, regarding Christy, a great, great pitcher, whose wife knew when to put the roast on, looking through her window. The Giants trailed (4-1) in the still and forever, most important game between the teams (’62 game 3, exactly 11 years is second) but Kenny said (4-2).

At least Scully, who I should appreciate as an announcing great but as said here before not the greatest and certainly not one who walked/walks on water, did not get the facts wrong (Do not “worry” I can cite plenty of instances when he did, the latest find saying 25 and 10 is a little BETTER than 2 and a half to one, that in reading Juan Marichal’s record in “reg” play vs the Pirates as he broadcast the Pirates (2-1) win, (another (2-1) Giants loss) on Rich Hebner’s solo homer, b8 in game 3 NLCS, 50 years ago. Maybe a math lesson can be provided Mr. Scully as well) as Kenny, an all-time, abrasive “know it all” did.

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