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Life Is Not Fair, I Rant, But Must Stop “Crying”

August 20, 2021

Let’s just say my financial position, sans income since March 2020, is not good. I am nowhere near going to the bridge, certainly not to jump, and not even to beg. (The G.Washington, he could have been king, but took the higher road, maybe that is why there are lower and upper levels on the bridge named for this country’s first president)

What does gall me, among many other things, in a world that makes kings of (to me and many others, but does it matter as they rake it in, while still tall and reasonably weighted me, eats, eats and does little) bad, such as S.A. Smith and Michael Kay, is a person I know for 50 years, who “borrowed” a thousand dollars and does not even consider paying it back.

He called on August 2nd, he a decidedly anti Mets fan and still a Yankees fan.

Since that point, games involving the two teams have gone his way to a tune of (25-9), propelling the Yankees, then about 5 games out for ‘offs qualification, into a one and a half game lead for such, while the Mets, then ahead by 4 games, now trail by one game more than that.

Already recoiled and sickened by people’s far too high prejudice, specifically vs dark skin (not only is that mean and disgusting, but it is so utterly stupid!! Somewhere, a higher form is not happy with this prevailing attitude) I am informed the epitome of a “taker,” (I gave him movie passes, a small amount of money and much else to his so little) lowlighted by his buying me a gas station bagel, after I accompanied him a great distance and encouraged this talented singer (as with me and my talented broadcasting, it is a shame, he does not do better. Alas, he is not a giving person, I am) with him winning 1500 dollars), did indeed marry the so attractive woman, I had seen with him.

Of course it is envy, but as I received another cold rejection text (not even a phone message, no less a live call), I cry,(cry is the operative word and right or wrong this idealist has to stop doing so) it is unfair.

Long ago, had not I learned that life is NOT FAIR!!

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