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Remembering Bill Freehan

August 22, 2021

An object goes up, it must come down–we live/we die, as sadly, Bill Freehan, who grabbed an object that came down, to clinch the ’68 World Series, did at age 79, having suffered with dementia.

I hope Bill had many years to recall the fabulous moment for the “Tigs” and Detroit, the latter torn by riots the year before, but united with the Tigers’ glory.

Freehan was an 11 time All-Star (when the All Star tilt meant something!), who famously blocked the plate in notable big game moments, getting the great Brock (yesterday I watched “Saw of Grass” with a character named Brock) in #5 of the ’68 W.S. but Reggie (Jackson) and Hendrick (George) were safe, despite Bill’s efforts in the decisive 5th game of the ’72 ALCS.

What a group those Tigers were and the memories last.

Bill was also the go between when Denny McLain, on his way to his 31st, 1968 “reg” win decided to groove one to the great Mickey Mantle.

Mickey having been told by Freehan, still took the first pitch, but subsequently hit #535 to pass another immortal, Jimmy Foxx.

Rest in peace, Bill Freehan, a tremendous player and part of a great time in baseball!


Bill Freehan 1975.jpg

Bill Freehan, pictured above.

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