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Ravens’ Amazing Exhibition Run

August 18, 2021

No NFL team has ever won more than 18 games consecutively in regular season or I believe regular season/playoffs.

The Baltimore Ravens have “rewarded” their bettors, but nobody else, having won 18 straight exhibition games (no Roman numerals or preseason for this heavily marketed, indication of a failed civilization/ “stuff”).

They did it again (-2 plus),winning by 3 in the first of 3 exhibition tilts last week. They are, I believe an incredible (16-1-1) vs the spread in those 18 games.

Next (-3 plus) at the Carolina Panthers.

(Don) Shula’s Dolphins once won 18 straight, 17 of them to win the ’72 crown and Mr. Cosell, once sang “Shula never dogs it, I will take Miami by 3.”

My first ’21 pig pick, I will take the Ravens (Harbaugh, a John, never dogs it but why in exhibition games?!) by 3.

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