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Oh Those Consecutive Nights “Qtrs” Clinchers/NBA Update

June 21, 2021

On 4 consecutive nights of play (Monday June 7th-Thursday June 10th, in order, Montreal in 4 vs Winnipeg, Tampa Bay in 5 vs Florida, the Islanders in 6 vs Boston and the Vegas (is there a “Las”, I feel L(AS)OUSY this morning as I knew as did Forslund and the annoying studio crew, who cited the Habs Overtime success in ’93 “en route” and until last night this year all leading to Vegas getting even) Golden Knights vs top seed Colorado clinched quarterfinal series.

A week later, the Phoenix Suns, (whose only two final round appearances occurred in “same calendar as this” years 1976 and 1993 and who won and covered an 8th straight game “Bookering” the Clippers in a greedy ABC afternoon tilt, played a day and a half after the Clippers 6’d Utah Friday past to make their first semi, in this their 51st season (Typical and awful, ESPN “graphic’d” 50 seasons, no ’71-2021 encompasses 51 seasons. They were (0-8) in previous “qtrs.” The “Bookering” reference is praise for Devon Booker, a star in the one NBA game I attended in at least 20 years, a brilliant player who hit for 40 as opening series line 2 to 1 “fave” Phoenix opened the Clippers, winning (120-114) as a 4 point favorite) completed a sweep of the Denver Nuggets.

Last Friday was the aforementioned Clippers #6 “qtrs” clincher vs Utah (Jazz, I know an inappropriately named team and days later Bellman, a sadist if there ever was one, did what “Stone” did 2 days earlier bragging regarding his Utah #6 bet so it cost but I “lived” and “lost” but denied him. Each is a veritable “Stone” in my shoe, clearly a horrible waste typifying my waste/life).

The next night amidst the sickening reality of the Albert’s “Control,” (lucky sperm, winners like them tell jokes-Marv certainly does and was great, the fact son Kenny has it all is no joke and frankly a sickening reality to “never to be,” me) the Bucks 7’d the annexing Nets.

Last night, the Atlanta Hawks, losers in 16 of their last 17 “qtrs,” going in, 7’d the Philadelphia 76ers, coached by Glenn “Doc” Rivers, whose playoffs failures are as ongoing, as the credits on Bullwinkle and Rocky.

One thing does not change, a la Boris, the safe again fell on me.


Devin Booker (30362063153) (cropped).jpg

I knew about the calendar, Booker and the Suns, now at least a 3 to 1 favorite vs the likely Leonardless Clippers. Yet…….

Anyway, Devon Booker is pictured above. Who is #2 on the Wizards, certainly not Elvin Hayes. It all passed me by, yet I will go on!

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