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NHL Update

June 20, 2021

In a series thus far reminiscent of the Flames (costly for me) 6 game Cup final triumph vs Montreal (Canadiens) in ’89, the Habs (Montreal) take a (2-1) series lead into a home Sunday night game 4 after a home overtime win as they 32 years ago in that aforementioned NHL final.

Vegas, no longer the lone place for legal sports wagering, is still a series favorite, (now -165, having been 10 to 1, after their game 1 win and opening as 5 to 1 series “faves”).

Meanwhile after the 9/11 (soon it is 20 years since my mother died) thing manifested last year, when Tampa Bay took a (3-1) semis lead vs the Islanders, the ninth time in 11 Isles’ semis, a team ( 5 vs the Islanders–’75-’77, ’93 and 2020 and 4 favoring them (’80-’83) led (3-1) or swept after 4 games, with all 9 that did so, going on to the title, the Isles for a third time were the team winning #4 to square the semi-final series.

After doing so in ’79 at the New York Rangers, it was the Rangers, who won the next two game. The reverse after the Isles won game 4 at home, as was the case last night, in ’84 as they went on to “6” Montreal, a still unlikely but surely far more likely than most thought, final round situation.

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