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“Same Calendar” Canadiens And Suns Have “Semis” Series Leads

June 23, 2021

The Montreal Canadiens, original nearly 5 to 1 series underdogs and now up 3 games to 2 and slight series favorites, (vs the Golden Knights and the ALSO SAME CALENDAR Phoenix Suns, who got an incredible game 2 win on a Deandre Ayton (24 points on 12 of 15 field goal attempts, can not call the last ‘shooting,” so I did not) last second dunk, via a great Jae Crowder lob pass (coach is Mont Williams and though as with almost everyone he added “like” to his sentence, deserves big praise) and are now prohibitive “faves” vs the likely whole series “Kawhi Leonard-less” Clippers, have semis series leads.

In both “same calendar” years of 1976 and 1993 both the Canadiens, who won both final series going (8-1) and the Suns, who lost each in 6 games getting eliminated in a Sunday home tilt each time, made their sports league’s final round.

Additionally (on ViSN, still sans Pauly Howard-“in addition” was said as I typed from a “short wire distance,” which is not easy) Montreal made and won the title 50 years ago in “same calendar” 1971 and 1965, also losing a classic final when Tony Leswick, a relative of Len Dykstra, joined also Red Wings’ player, Pete Babando, as the only 7th game/final/overtime goal scorers in Cup Final annals, in 1954, another “same calendar” year.

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