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June 19th A Date Slavery Ended And The Rosenbergs Were Executed–Oh The SHAME!!

June 19, 2021

Simply put, the date (June 19th/today) that slavery–original American sin, frankly, a shame this country can not overcome via Federal holidays, but by lowering its horribly high, ignorant, stupid, mean level of prejudice–IF THEN–ended and the Rosenbergs Julius and Ethel were executed, (a barbaric event), is one and the same.

Read regarding the Rosenbergs, the fact that in New York City, with the world’s largest Jewish population, there was not one Jewish juror.

Clearly, the blacklist, a product of the ridiculous, tragic, overblown so called Communist threat, ruined many lives, and was not so veiled, if at all veiled, anti Semitism.

In an attempt to be positive, let’s cite two people who happened to be Black/black (capital in this usage?) the indomitable Paul Robeson and James Cheyney. Let’s add two young men, who happened to be Jewish (IMAGINE no religion, countries or possessions, WKRP in Cincinnati did via the Gordon Jump character and to complete the tangent, “KRP” cast member, Frank Bonner passed away) Michael Schwerner and Andrew Goodman, who with Mr. Cheyney tried to enact voter rights in the bigoted south (I can put up, or can I with my “micro horror,” however, how is it possible that this country still has such issues nearly 60 years later?!) and were killed for doing so. 

It is hard, especially for tangent crazy me, to tackle a subject of this enormity and in a tragic vein. So let’s try harder to lower, if not completely eradicate our levels of prejudice!


Andrew Goodman, James Cheyney and Michael Schwerner left to right. Somehow on this earth, we must go on.

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