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Jets/Oilers Notes

May 25, 2021

Here are some notes concerning the Jets, Winnipeg, and the Edmonton Oilers.

This incarnation of the Winnipeg Jets, the NHL’s second (the first is a former WHA team that is now the Arizona Coyotes. More on them in just a bit.) is the former Atlanta Thrashers becoming the Winnipeg Jets.

The just completed Jets’ sweep (the jet sweep is a football play and the Jets, still as such, and the once Houston Oilers, now the Tennessee Titans were once AFL East rivals, just as the hockey original Jets and Edmonton Oilers were WHA rivals), of Edmonton, defied an incredible Oilers’ dominance of the first incarnation of the Winnipeg Jets, in 6 series from (1984-1990).

Edmonton with the great player, Mark Messier on all those teams (Gretzky was on 5) won all 6 series vs Winnipeg as they clashed in the ‘offs, I believe each time within the old Smythe Division, in every year but ’89 from (’84-’90).

The Oilers went on to win all 5 of their titles after dispatching Winnipeg, doing so in ’84,’85,’87,’88 and ’90.

Going into their ’90 opening round clash in which Winnipeg led (3-1) only to be 7’d by eventual champion Edmonton without Gretzky, who chose love/Janet Jones over history (that team so great might have become the greatest of greats if he stayed), the Oilers had an (18-1) ‘offs mark (Messier) “FACING” (think Elroy Face, now 92, who was (18-1) for the ’59 Pirates, who were title winners the next season) vs Winnipeg.

They went (6-0) in series and (22-4) in the ‘offs vs the old Jets but were swept out by the newer Jets this season.

Edmonton won an incredible 5 titles in 7 seasons from (’84-’90) and made it at least to the semis 7 times in the nine seasons from (’84-’92).

Since that point, in 28 NHL seasons (no NHL season in ’05), the Oilers have won just 6 series, 3 coming in ’06 when they made it to the final, losing to Carolina. (Edmonton is (5-2) in final round play just as they won 5 crowns in 7 seasons as stated above). Thus in 24 of those 28 seasons, 6 of each 7, (87 %) they have failed even one round in the ‘offs.

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