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Monday/Tuesday NCAA “Quarters”

March 29, 2021

All four “quarters” tilts to be played on Monday and Tuesday nights have favorites of at least 7 plus points (3 of the favorites, favoUrites is the spelling beyond the U.S.) with tomorrow(Tuesday’s) Michigan/UCLA “quarter” a redux of the same calendar/1965 NCAA Final.

In that ’65 final, the great player, Gail Goodrich hit for 42 points while Kenny Washington added 17 as UCLA won its second straight crown in what became the great dynasty run of 10 titles in 12 seasons, under legendary coach, John Wooden.

Michigan a 7 plus point(s) “fave” tomorrow has lost in the NCAA final in 2 other same calendar years, 1976 to an undefeated Indiana team and in ’93 to North Carolina (I certainly do do not like to criticize players for any mistakes, especially those of a physical nature. A mental error such as the extra timeout gaffe by the vastly over rated player, Chris Weber, a key if not the key play in Dean Smith’s second and final title–both his titles in same calendar as 2021 in ’82 and aforementioned ’93, does warrant more criticism. However, what tilts it to an unbearable point and I blame the copy cat producers who run television and ergo a good part of our minds, for allowing the likes of Weber to play G-d/God/the force, in his criticism of players).

There are 3 teams from the Pacific 12 in the “quarters.” Oregon State, on an incredible 6 game win skein, all as “nice” underdogs, again are big “dogs,) (plus 8) vs region second seed, Houston. In addition to UCLA, the other Pac 12 team that is “quartering,” also is L.A. based, namely USC, a 9 point underdog, vs tournie favorite Gonzaga, in the first game tomorrow night.

The now defunct Southwest Conference has three of its “once” teams in the quarters, two in tonight’s second tilt. It matches region top seed, Baylor and that region’s “3,” Arkansas. The other once SWC team is Houston. I liked them until I realized Nantz loves them. (By the way, though I truly dislike Nantz for his exclusivity/right wing politics, he is infinitely more talented than Romo. Each makes an obscene amount of money, thus the ridiculous fact Romo makes so much more than Nantz, is nowhere near as bad as the fact each makes so much. Again this society that rewards Nantz, Romo and S.A. Smith to name three, while denying teachers, nurses and others doing far more important and better work, is already down the drain. It is not likely to escape that position, especially if those 3 and myriad others are rewarded the way they are.)

Other same calendar notes include Baylor making and losing the final (I think that will happen this year, but that is a “chalk” plurality pick as the plurality leader is Gonzaga over Baylor in next week’s title tilt) in 1948, USC making and losing in the national semis in 1954 and that if both favorites, Gonzaga and Michigan prevail tomorrow night, Saturday’s semi (I get my second vaccine just before) will match Michigan with an undefeated team as was the above referenced case in (same calendar) 1976.

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