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Help Others, In This Case “Pencils of Promise,” As They Seek To Help So Many Young Women

March 29, 2021

Do not kid yourselves, we all do have plenty to b–ch about, even if we have the basics. My having the basics is no sure thing going forward. What makes it worse is that 20 years ago today, a woman who 2 nights back did not even have the decency to return a hello, was in a God forsaken home urging my mother to sign me out of her life.

Their (there were so many other conspirators involved and somehow, some day I must tell the story. Also I must “let it go, alas not an even remotely easy task) initial effort did not but eventually my mother was taken from me.

I will deal with that and perhaps detail it in the future. Also there is a very good chance the incredibly bad events that followed, involving so many people, some you may have heard of, will continue to eat at me. Not good, in fact awful!!

Yet I have and will continue to help others. Here is something to do, sponsored by the fine organization, “Pencils of Promise,” as there is need for education and progress as so many young woman face great loss of myriad opportunities because they begin to menstruate.

Please click the link below and find out more. There is great joy in helping others and so many of these young woman need our help.

The Pad Project




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