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“Slow it Down” Regarding Gonzaga And Especially The Dodgers

March 31, 2021

First of all, I will have a post about the national semis on Saturday, which will match incredible “2 touchdown”/14 point “fave” Gonzaga and U.C.L.A. and an old Southwest Conference “serving” of Baylor minus 5 vs Houston, with undeserving Jim Nantz, getting “his thrill in a “no hills” football stadium in Indianapolis.

Next, I do expect a very impressive Gonzaga team to take the crown, though clearly Baylor, likely to be about a 5 point underdog, if the matchup manifests in Monday night’s title tilt, would have a great shot at upsetting the Gonzaga is the greatest apple cart.

UCLA, coincidentally the Gonzaga “semis” opponent, not only won 10 of 12 titles from (’64-’75) but had either Lew Alcindor/Kareem Abdul Jabbar or Bill Walton on half of those teams. Case closed those UCLA teams were better than this Gonzaga team and so were many others. A team (North Carolina in ’82) had James Worthy, Sam Perkins and someone named Jordan, a freshman, who hit the title winning shot, is another team easily better than this Gonzaga team, which has won “nada” yet.

The Dodgers hype, led by Bill Plaschke, another of the “bag of wind/tv talking heads,” that the copy cat producers ram down our throats and that people who owe me money and as “deadbeats” do not pay back, watch. It is evil and unfair.

The L.A. team I once loved (I have interviews with such as Sandy, two Dons, John Podres, Claude Osteen, Burt Hooton and others and fanatically awaited their late night results in a time long ago) won a 60 game season title. Big deal! They will not win over 110 games and in my opinion, not even the projected 104 or so.

Far more certain and of course an opinion, but at least I am not jumping the gun as headline seeking Plaschke did, anointing a team that has not played a game, the greatest ever (think about that stupidity!! In baseball, you do not have to be bigger and stronger. The Yankees had teams with Babe and Lou, another with Mickey and Yogi and another with Joe D, Lou (Gehrig) and Bill Dickey. The Reds of ’75 and ’76 finished far ahead of Dodgers teams, that may have been as good as this 2021 version, and are far better than this one), is that these Dodgers are nowhere near the greatest team ever. That will not change, even if they win 120 games!!

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