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Oregon State “Southside With Me’s” to the National “Quarters”

March 27, 2021

So much for Sister Schmidt and Loyola Chi, I guess a nice story, but the “losing team “58,” worked vs them as upstart, “Southside With Me” but never me, “smalls” it, with Oregon State.

The Loyola team was in ’63, 8 months before much of the good ended with shots in Dallas (hey you gun toters who say guns do not kill, people do–the great, late Pete Hamill said it best as a retort to that phallic stupidity, “that’s like saying Willie Mays could hit home runs without a bat”), when they OT’d, 2 time defending champion Cincinnati (60-58) to win the crown.

Last Sunday, they wired to wired” 7 point fave, region top seed Illinois, the losing team scoring 58, as “Bell” had it “toll vs him,” but a la Boris, it fell on me.

Earlier today Oregon State (65-58) vs 7point fave Loyola. I nervously await a Zoom Seder and though areligious, please do not use certain phrases in my presence. However, forgive even forget.

I have to write a book and be succinct, with full edited sentences.

Easier said than done.

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