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Stick With A. Cuomo, At Least For Now, We Are Still Playing Defense In This Conservative Leaning/Bigoted Country

March 13, 2021

Leave it to the “Bruce Man” to get the last Andrew Cuomo book, regarding his leadership during the now year plus old Covid pandemic and I hope people consider that as the N.Y. Governor is under attack.

I truly liked both his parents, he is OK in my book, but again, sadly since a General “landslided” a progressive intellectual and especially since the (he led us to our own “evil empire,” one of bigotry, rich yess/poor no and other bad, yet unlike the worse Trump, survives, even flourishes in history. What an ACT!) Actor/violator of human rights (see the Blacklist and all its evil), Reegan (as called in “Anne Hall” This country denies Woody Allen but “Teflon” Reagan goes on and on. That alone makes me sick!!)–we of progressive beliefs are playing defense/lesser of evils.

Andrew Cuomo is minimum, “a lesser of evils,” surely Al Franken is/was and neither “grabbed,” nor advocated doing so, at least not in that most private area, unlike, the disgusting Trump.

Enough, except greedy major league baseball under the not so eloquent (see his speech when Henry died), Rob Manfred, wants to cut minor league baseball.

I say boycott “reg” baseball until at least July, in protest. You will not!

That is why the wild card stays, Pete is not in the Hall and you care if your team wins in a season that can never produce the drama that historic home runs in true entity races (no wild card, no safety net!!) by Bobby Thomson, Russell “Bucky” Dent, Gabby Hartnett (a rhyme to calm me) and Dick Sisler among others, produced.

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