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Remembering Joe Tait, There Was No Better Play by Play Broadcaster

March 11, 2021

True, I had no real way to again contact the greatest of the great pure play by play broadcasters, Joe Tait, who died yesterday at age 83, but again that horrible feeling of waiting too long and being stuck in the “nowheresville,” that is my life, has sounded another grim reminder.

On another day, I will fight back against the so much that is wrong–today let me try to express what listening to a master like Joe Tait BROADCAST a game (never anybody better on basketball play by play and he was tremendous doing baseball as well) meant/means to me. Maybe those thoughts can take me to a better place.

Before that, perhaps I could add that Joe Tait, while unable and perhaps rightfully unwilling to push a button for me to give me a chance, was always kind and willing to take the time to speak with me.

After he heard my tape of a game I “play by played” from the “stands” at Madison Square Garden, he remarked how I was very good, but of course had to start some place distant or at least other than MSG, unless I had some very good connections.

It is/was the lack of connections and the fact, the cold hard one, I did not NEED broadcasting and so often did nothing that leaves me so empty and unfulfilled in sharp juxtaposition to so many less talented and often bad people, who flourish today.

Yet and rightfully so let this be about Joe and while I liked the Cavs and Indians, I loved Joe Tait’s broadcasts so much that I tuned in to the often virtually meaningless games each team played.

The last time I spoke to Joe, I played a bit of he and Herb Score, another wonderful man, who just might be greeting Joe right now, broadcasting an Indians/Tigers tilt and Mr. Tait truly enjoyed listening. He mentioned that his daughter could help him navigate the internet and enable him to listen.

If that manifested then I did something important in helping another and in that last conversation Joe Tait talked of how many things and deeds were more meaningful than being a broadcaster, even a great one.

Joe Tait was certainly way more than a great broadcaster, however that tangible if I can find them, of his broadcasts much like great art of any kind, will help with the intangibles of feelings as I suffer the loss of a remarkable man.

I sure as hell am no Beethoven, but this tribute surely is “UNFINISHED.”

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