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Tangents, Barack and Bruce Podcasts and UCLA/Mich St “Relegated” and Notes

March 15, 2021

I really want to go into detail and strong emotions, regarding Ernie Barnes, who was an artist and football player.

Additionally, I am bursting with thoughts, still  seeking the higher plane of a Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen, which is fully on display, in their podcast(s), “Renegades.”

The movie “Southside with Me” is touching on so many levels, recounting a fateful first “date” (I think Michelle did acknowledge, finally, it was a date!) between Barack Obama and Michelle Robinson.

I first saw it Saturday past, thought of the cited Craig Robinson, Michelle’s brother and minor tournament coaching winner with Oregon State in ’09, not long after brother in law, Barack, ascended to the U.S. presidency.

The juxtaposition of all, me seemingly always in the wrong day late/dollars short, literal and figurative “no forum/voice” maze, recollections of Bernard Ganeles, a brave man, now no longer with us on earth.

Bernard endured despite cerebral palsy. Mr. Robinson and “here’s to” Oregon State, little cashed at 30 to 1 (surely higher in the desert G.I. stop city, with no plaque, no longer the exclusive legal venue for sports wagering) as they won the Pac 10 tournament.

No, just a note on former powers, U.C.L.A. and Izzo coached Michigan State (With all the fanfare, Izzo has one crown. Magic and Greg Kelser’s coach, Jud Heathcote, has the other Mich. St. coaching crown) relegated to a 68 to 64 teams game in the first NCAA “Tournie” in 2 years. (I am glad but not overwhelmed by the fact they have one. I “lived” though it was cancelled last year. Though so many did not due to the pandemic, this thing/event is still wildly over rated and hyped. It is borderline sickening!)

UCLA with those record 10 titles under John Wooden and one in the 44 tournaments since. In a football game that greatly affected the mythical national title situation in ’65, played on the first day of ’66–U.C.L.A. spoiled Michigan State’s title hopes with a Rose Bowl victory vs them. I know Alabama, ripped off in favor of Notre Dame on at least two occasions (’66 and ’77) vaulted to #1, I believe also getting needed help elsewhere.

Sadly for too emotional me, in same calendar ’75 into ’76, UCLA ruined Ohio State, I threw out my books and still lament it. Thrown out then, no voice or forum now.

Yet I “tear” at the greatness, eloquence and empathy of Barack and Bruce and have to hope to in some way, however small, right some wrongs. It will not be easy!! I must try!!


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  1. Annie M permalink

    I hadn’t been able to reach Bernard Ganeles for many months and kept leaving messages, until it wouldn’t allow me to. I started searching the internet when I came across your post. When did Bernard pass? He was a kind, thoughtful person.

    • He certainly was that. I would say he passed on about 10 months ago. If you have an e mail to share, we can “talk” longer. Either way, thanks for remembering Bernard.


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