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A “Dreamer” And His Dream(s)

March 6, 2021

Again a dream in which I need to get some place, however, am not able to do so. In this case it is too late and I am too tired to drive home.

Thus I ask “B.D.” if I can stay over, he retorts what do you mean “WE?” There is no we, that is one REAL problem, a major, seemingly timeless one (the loneliest #).

Somehow, I am in the elevator and among those there is the great player and basketball expert, Jerry West.

Though I have trouble getting a shoe or a sneaker on, I enter a small gathering, I guess of the Lakers. (In real life after I saw a less than 10 year old Jeannie Buss with her aunt, in the Forum parking lot, her dad Dr. Jerry Buss arriving soon after with a beautiful woman on his arm and in a limousine, said “come on in” to me as I was able to attend the Lakers’ title winning party that Sunday May 18, 1980).

Back to the dream, another Lakers’ great Michael Cooper is sitting at a far table, drinking soda, while I see no great place to sit. Once “Coop” said to Angela and me in an interview we did, that she and I would get married on the next May 18th. He actually evoked Pat Riley, adding a “guarantee.”

Somehow he was a BIT prescient as Angela married another on May 19th, two plus years later. Soon it will 30 years after that date.

Angela, who knows how angry my mother was in her dream after she died–betrayed by a half brother, his controlling, evil wife and a system that allowed a nursing home, Schnurmacher in White Plains, New York, coincidentally with the much admired by me, Mario Cuomo’s endorsement in view–(of Cuomos, both of whom this Andrew supports, and nursing homes. We can not afford to lose Andrew but a “dream” and even it would not make up for it, would be for Cuomo, the current and alive governor, to denounce Schnurmacher and the laws that abuse the elderly and help change them. Let some good come of this, but of course, I have no power and no real “forum,” not exactly a “fabulous” situation), espoused some views 180 degrees apart from mine days back. Sure it likely would not have “gone great distance,” however, she is still my friend.

On we go, a vaccine today, no return calls from some women I truly admire and in that vein, this “women would have done better/”no is no” evolved, so often rejected (by women) guy, calls for common sense in the current movement, in the hope of change for the better regarding all those less fortunate and victims of injustice (that surely includes me, owed 10 K’s by various people and shunned/rejected/ignored by some others).

Alas above the somewhat disjointed, raw thoughts and hopes of a dreamer, one who does so with some memory thereof while sleeping and so/too often, while awake!!

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