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Some More Coincidences

March 3, 2021

A bit rough these days with certain realizations, however, I opt for the two vaccines, despite fear of feeling bad in the second one’s aftermath.

Earlier “That Girl” on Antenna T.V. (reduced to it, though it was a good show and I shut it right off) is about Marlo Thomas’ “Ann Marie,” (full name, not just her first) hiring a press agent, played by Jesse White, who was intro’d on and as one of the “100 stars” part 3 and for so long was the “Maytag repair man.”

Tonight all about a press agent and that world in the brilliant, written by Ernest Lehman, “Sweet Smell of Success.” It airs on TCM at 8 P.M. Eastern Time. Do not miss it, especially if you have not seen it. 

Next, struggling and reading on this thing called a phone/internet, Jerry West is touched by and was close to Kobe Bryant, who of course died just over 13 months ago, a beginning to a very bad span.

Also dead in that crash, people named Altobelli. I was reminded of that fact after also reading that Joe Altobelli, who guided the Orioles to their last crown in ’83 and also as many as Earl Weaver did, died at age 88.

Push hard, stop eating, get out and walk, knowing it is a world in which people do not return calls and care about themselves.

One more and a cessation of complaining. In a Brian Aherne led “Twilight Zone” about an actor “Booth-an actor/assassin’s name if there ever was one–Templeton,” the young, firm director is an actor, who eventually turned great director, Sydney Pollack.

“That’s All Folks.”


The above, a little different than the “Bugs” opening theme video, posted weeks back. 

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