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Super Bowl Television Notes

February 4, 2021

Jim “Pooh” Nantz, a week after all the hedge fund “news,” (see needles, rich people and heaven) will be on his 6th Supe, second in 3 seasons (the first to have that many in such a span, since the far better Dick Enberg did so in ’97, which also was his 4th in 6 seasons).

Nantz is better luck for his conference/league as “his” AFC is (4-1) straight up and ATS, in his 5 previous Supes. The AFC team went (1-3) in those 4 Enberg Supes and won just 2 of his 8 Super Bowls overall.

I believe the home network conference is (24-18) straight up and (29-13) ATS in past Super Bowls. Eleven were “neutral network” telecasts, the first game was TV’d by both the NFL and AFL networks.

Two of the “other network” wins were in the two Chiefs’ Supe wins, each with a Buck (Jack in ’69, Joe “talking at us” 50 years later) as the lead announcer. This time, the Chiefs, losers in the first Supe/both networks game, are on their conference’s network.

Brady in 9 New England Super Bowls was (2-0) on his conference’s network (CBS), (3-1) on the other/NFC network, Fox and (1-2) on “neutral” NBC. N.E. won in its only previous Nantz Supe, however Nantz was the lead announcer in all 8, non Super Bowl Brady/N.E. playoffs losses.

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