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Sad Coincidences Involving Tony Bennett and also a Brief Remembrance of Hal Holbrook

February 3, 2021

It was while watching an excellent 1936 movie, “San Francisco,” which has the other seminal/official song (“San Francisco”), about that great city, that news came regarding the great singer and pacifist (showing how advanced he is) yet (one who fought in World War 2), Tony Bennett having the dreaded Alzheimer’s Disease.

How terribly sad, that Mr. Bennett can not remember all that he accomplished, all the while being a classy, great man.

More sad news as a great actor, Hal Holbrook, as with Mr. Bennett at a point over 90 years old, died.

He was magnificent in many, diverse roles, including both a stage and television recreation as Mark Twain plus the role of “Deep Throat,” in “All The President’s Men.”

Another sad coincidence was that the night before I read the news (cue The Beatles) regarding Mr. Holbrook dying, I had the rare occasion to again watch the excellent television show,  “Designing Women,”  which starred among others, Dixie Carter,  Holbrook’s wife.

Ms. Carter, also a tremendous singer, had died 10 or so years before and while sad, one hopes Mr. Bennett and his caregivers will not suffer and so many of us can cherish, the great memories.

The same goes for Mr. Holbrook, a truly great actor.


Hal Holbrook

The great actor, Hal Holbrook pictured above.


That “other” seminal, official song about San Francisco, as performed by Tony Bennett.


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