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A Play In Baseball Notes, As (The) Supe Is Almost on

February 5, 2021

I was going to comment on the horrific horror of that elected official’s (I know her name, but will not cite it “wrong” now) comments nor showing I am not all liberal, but “Bill Klem,” (call them as I see them and far from always correct and that includes politically correct, though usually I suppose I am) the fact two highly ego driven, but largely brilliant, talented figures Jonathan Schwartz and Leonard Lopate have virtually disappeared from the scene due to a far too punitive aspect of “The Me Too Movement”

I guess I just did and will put up a link of a Fred Guttenberg reaction at the end here.

Quickly regarding it, I “lead the league,” in getting no’s from women, often asking, before even trying to kiss one and that after spending “tough” money on a dinner, knowing my mother would criticize me for that.

Yet “No means No,” and I ALWAYS respected that, NEVER not doing so! So without Lopate and especially Schwartz, I strike out yet again, not on a date, but being denied their work, even past work.

So in honor of Mr. Schwartz’ once “A Salute To Baseball,” which aired on what is now PIGfest Sunday, a moment from what he would call “an ordinary game.”

The great Lindsey Nelson is brilliantly flying solo behind the microphone, the Mets in Jarry Park where there was a power failure earlier in the day, have the bases loaded none out, T1 in a Mc Anally vs Mac Andrew pitching matchup this July 3rd, in 1973.

Daniel “Rusty” Staub, always loved in Montreal, is the Mets’ batter. He was a tremendous hitter, but not this time, as he hits into a 4-6-3 double play, a run scoring, no RBI and with great inflexion Lindsey intones “The Mets are out in front (1-0).”

The second baseman who fielded and threw to shortstop, Tim Foli, was Ron Hunt, the Mets’ first All-Star starter.

Foli and Mike Jorgensen the Expos’ first sacker that game, were dealt to Montreal along with Kenny “Key” Singleton, the Mtl. RF that game, in exchange for Staub.

A moment, a great broadcaster and a memory that reveals.


MSNBC – Gun safety activist and Parkland father Fred 





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