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Title Tilt Notes, Most, Not Likely Found Elsewhere

January 24, 2021

Both some of my money and a piece of the far greater sum that is El Bell’s plus I believe the greater onus to win (they have lost 3 straight such games, all on the road to Sea in ’14, Atlanta in ’16 and S.F. in ’19) are ON the Packers today.

In just the second ever ‘offs clash between the areas, (the other a slot 3 G.B. win, en route to an eventual Supe loss, to Denver in ’97) the Packers, whose highly regarded quarterback, Aaron Rodgers has been to just one Super Bowl, host the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, in the earlier title game.

The “T.B.” QB es “T.B.” a man named Brady, who will be in his 14th title tilt/semi, in a bid to go to his 10th Super Bowl. All previous such were with the New England Patriots, with six seasons ended in Super Bowl triumph.

This is the fourth title game/”semi” appearance for Tampa Bay, a third on the road. They won their last en route to a 2002 title, while losing to the Rams 20 years apart in ’79 and ’99, in their other title game tilts, to this point.

TB’s victory came vs the second of four consecutive Andy Reid coached Eagles’ teams that made this round. Those teams lost the first three, two at home, before winning the fourth. They were denied the big prize, however, though covering in defeat, vs Brady and New England in ’04.

Of course Reid, whose glorified decision to go late in a second straight year slot 3 win, was no big deal in my opinion, guided the Chiefs to a second title, 50 years after their first, removing at least part (a big part), of a rather big monkey on coach Reid’s (more than) rather big back/frame.

The Chiefs are a possible Bucs’ Supe opponent for the first time. Only one team/franchise, that the Tennessee Titans nee Houston Oilers, have been a possible “start of title games day” Supe opponent for T.B. more than once in the 8 possibilities.. They were such as the Oilers in ’79 and as the Titans in ’99 and ’02, with nary a Bucs/Tenn or Houston franchise Supe matchup materializing.

Green Bay, somewhat surprisingly, only (5-5) in games with Supe bids on the line (they are (4-1) in Super Bowl games and lead the NFL with 10 championships won in games, all in years with a Democrat as U.S. President, which is the case this year, after 16 to 1 underdog to be nominated, J.R. Biden (J.R. and deals come to mind— however, I like Biden, certainly infinitely more than Trump, and for once the Democrats were smart in choosing him. How did I not see it, especially knowing he would win the South Carolina primary, which was all the powers that be asked, before dealing Joe the nomination. 

Although I not only did NOT cash it, but paid 400 dollars, “anti-ing”– something, I to my everlasting regret, did not do on 5 to 1 u/dog (really pig), Trump in ’16), I am glad Biden ascended to that office). 

Green Bay now has 22 possible “day of title tilts” Supe opponents.

New England, the matchup manifested once, but in ’96, aka 5BB (Before Brady, he is god like, however, G.B., I believe (actually I do, certainly more than in the past, in another, who evoked time measurements of before and after, certainly  in his deeds and along with other “possies” his omniscience.

(However, any who do not have every right to do so, and if there is a heaven, I do not believe will be judged “VS,” if they have that opinion. A good map to that hypothetical “there,” is to follow the tenets of Jesus, as I do, among other things– giving, helping and even though it does seem to help on this earth, often turning the other cheek.) 

(Back to the original in this run on) New England and Pittsburgh have been Packers’ “possibles” 4 times each, the Chiefs (it manifested in the first such game in ’66),thrice. “G.B.” beat Pitts in their lone Supe clash 10 years ago, while 1 possibility Denver and the Raiders were the other 2 “G.B.” Supe opponents.

The Bills, a possible for the second time, tying the Colts, have only twice, once pre AFC/NFC configuration, won on the same ‘offs day that G.B. won.

Once was last Saturday, the other time December 26, 1965 when after the Pack “controversial tying Don Chandler FG’d” the Colts a week before “title-ing” vs the Browns, in the great Jim Brown’s last game as a Browns player (a more important than now, but still not important Pro Bowl followed), the Bills won a second straight “all the way” AFL crown, topping the Chargers (one of 5 teams with one “day of the titles tilts,” possible GB Supe opponents).

The others and I will not do this, regarding the Chiefs and Bills, however, will offer predictions, being, as cited the Broncos and Raiders, as well as the Jaguars and Jets, the latter two, owning this year’s top 2 draft picks.

Green Bay 30 Tampa Bay 17

AFC, second time in 3 seasons “Pooh” Nantz and the absolutely unbearable Romo, get the last two (later title tilt and the Supe, this happening for the first time since ?? I will research it) and it is too close to call, completely unlike the most recent presidential election.

Sadly, (unless I bet it well), those clowns will get a thriller, I will even say one of the overtime variety.

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