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LaFleur A Bigger Fool Than McCarthy, No excuse for Rodgers, another non winner but worst is that Buck/Aikman did not question the horrible decision!!!

January 24, 2021

Winners tell jokes (Brady, though he threw interceptions on 3 straight possessions, after the second and third, “The State Farm” fraud, Rodgers went 3 and out each time, must have his picture up at all the comedy clubs) and losers such as me say deal. I have been doing so my whole life.

However, that does not mean you should not heed what I am about to say, poison fingers about to go.

I was going to use death, Aarons and one title in the same sentence and maybe I just did, but I mean no disrespect to Henry’s greatness and while one more would have been nice, it is baseball.

It is a different story regarding the very talented, but ego driven, State Farm ad man. He is a quarterback and now he is a quarterback, who has lost 4 straight semis. Allowing long, inexcusable last play of the first half touchdowns as they did in the ’11 slot 4 loss to eventual champion, what (9-7) Giants does not help.

Far worse than Rodgers, LaFleur, a disgrace to Guy and the name, kicks a field goal down 8 with just over 2 minutes to play. Buck and Aikman let it go, at least, that is what Mr. Aprea told me. By the way the truly knowledgeable, Mr. Aprea forgot more football than lucky sperm, Buck will ever know. Alas, that is not saying much. Why buck it, Buck?!! People are idiots and why “Hughes Corporation?!) (rock the boat!!!). 

I will not watch the second tilt. I am no longer good looking and 21, but I ruined it then, running to an old bookie who was in his underwear, giving him cash, as to bet the later game.

Though it is too late for me, in a world of Buck and those with lucky sperm and bucks, I am right regarding LaFleur and certainly his decision.

Suffering, they say, builds character. I am one and must have mucho.

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