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Brady Yet Again And The Thoughts, (Many Warped?) Crackle Through

January 18, 2021

First of all, alive, the great Martin Luther King Jr. whose birthday 91 years and 3 days ago, this torn nation honors today, in my opinion (you know what they say about opinions, especially those by a frustrated well meaning, but likely drawn to the at least somewhat warped, me) he would view his dream as manifesting in nightmare.

I truly believe this great man of letters and eloquence would have expected more (some degree of competence would better what they are now) from the “GIVEN” that being the ilk of James Brown, Curt Menefee and especially be disgusted, by S.A. Smith as a god, an arrogant one at that.

Once and for all, I am not a Black man, but having endured mucho “s t,” in all, including much for being Jewish, I am and have been appalled to an exponential power, at the countless racist remarks and attitudes I have endured.

I am human and why oh why (right “Dorothy”) does it matter what color one’s skin is or what religion or ethnicity starts our path in this finite life. (Another, John F. Kennedy, killed by bullets, said “we are all mortal” but we never learn!)

I am more proud of the late HBO boxing authority, Arthur Curry telling me “you don’t see color” (Larry Brown said that regarding Vince Lombardi) than almost anything else in my well intentioned, but largely failed life, (to this point, I add in a rare show of optimism).

Martin Luther King moves and moved me on so many levels. A man with flaws, but the highest marks in caring, eloquence and figuring it out. He knew regarding Viet Nam, Muhammad Ali and the fact the rich get and the poor get shafted, always have and seemingly always will.

Of course he fought for civil rights and we have come a long way, with as they say correctly, a long way to go.

We need to get to the point where one’s skin color does not matter.

Toward that never to be reached ideal, why must we endure the skin color/white Romo, the black Smith and the woman Storen, she uses Storm, to hide that daddy Storen helped (oh throw in the arrogant Harlan “daddy’d” in as well (bad).

After the game Brady threw the ball to Brees’ sons, (if Brees had won, he would not have done so though he has 6 crowns–Brees, Rodgers and Mahomes (he is in just his third year) have one and that is the difference) maybe they can think about their attitudes about players kneeling, backing Trump and wonder about their children’s world in the years ahead.

Brees and more so his coach Payton were pretty big, playoffs failures though a la Tomlin, McCarthy and to lesser degrees, John Harbaugh and even Pete Carroll, they won one and to this point only one title, and made egregious coaching decisions either in the Supe win (Tomlin FG’ing at the goal line in his ’08 Supe win and John Harbaugh did something big time wrong, in his ’12 season Supe win) or in a subsequent playoff tilt (Payton, who had the guts to “onside” in his winning Supe, made the utterly horrible decision to “down 7, late FG inside the 10 vs a (7-9) SEA team, of course coached by Carroll- need I remind you of the Supe vs New England).

McCarthy in a category all his own, after a horrible first season as Dallas coach, went FG at the Sea 1, in an eventual loss, in the ’14 title game.

Through it all, Brady wins. He heads to his 14th title tilt, half on the road. He joins the great John Unitas in playing in title games in 3 different decades (Unitas did so in “all the way” title games in ’58, ’59, ’64, some of it in ’68 and some in ’70).

I am no big fan of Rodgers, but even without the money involved, say “enough of Brady.” What is scary is he did not do all that much in the T.B. (30-20) Slot 4 win at New Orleans (3 straight years, Saints’ ‘offs losses at home at the 3 different possible levels–semis in ’18, w/cd in ’19 and quarters yesterday which reminds me of Erving and Philly who regressed, losing in the final in ’77, semis to Bobby Dandridge and “Wash” in ’78 and the quarters in ’79 before losing in final round play twice vs L.A.(’80 and ’82) and the Celts in ’81 before because they stole the late, great Moses Malone and won it in ’83. By the way, Erving ALWAYS given a “pass” by the warped media said “mail in the stats.” If a more vocal, non butt kissing Black athlete did that, the media would have excoriated him) but they won. Rodgers and G.B. will likely have to be at their best to beat the best, Tom Brady and an excellent T.B. team.

So let’s beat Brady next week, but first realize his utter greatness. By the way Belichick got another game favorite incorrect. In a review of the Pats 2001 slot 2/”tuck rule”/other big plays win vs Oakland, his N.E. team was favored and won on the powerful 3. Belichick called his team the underdog. WRONG, not as bad as saying the Giants were favored in the ’58 title game but very bad!!

Certainly not eloquent and in tangential “run ons” I “REM” “I think I have said too much, I think I have not said enough.”

“S–ew” the title tilts, let’s be better human beings regardless of color, religion, ethnicity or financial standing.

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