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Romo Got (Has) To Go

January 17, 2021

Other than Trump, who ascended to this nation’s highest office and S.A. Smith, a blowhard of blowhards, nobody embodies the “given the kingdom, despite ineptitude and arrogance,” more than Tony Romo.

He screeched that (Chad) Henne had taken K.C. to the title tilt, he had not. Nantz was no better saying they had a clinching first down when we could see they were short.

Next Romo, who never even made a title game as a player said look at the body language, there would be no play.

Seconds later, Henne threw to Hill, now they are in the title tilt, K.C. opening a 3 point favorite, they have no covered 9 straight and I think it is a Mahomes will play #. We shall see.

Please get rid of Romo, the biggest incompetent I have heard and there have been so many!!!

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