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NFC Update

January 7, 2021

The (13-3) Green Bay Packers are the NFC one seed and have its conference’s only bye, as there will be 3 wild card round games in each conference.

New Orleans (Saints) (12-4), are the two seed and about 10 point favorites vs the Chicago Bears, as the teams again meet in the first year of an expanded wild card round.

The Bears, as I recall nice “faves,” eased vs the Saints, in the fourth and final game of the expanded wild card round, thirty years ago in 1990.

Seattle’s Seahawks are slightly over 3 point favorites, as they clash with division rival L.A. (Rams) for the second time in 3 games, 2 weeks apart. Sea es el tres, (on the air Spanish is said in English as I typed in espanol without accents). The Rams are the six seed.

On Saturday night, a man named Brady will play in a Saturday night ‘offs tilt for a # equal to that of the people in those squares, (9th) time. (His New England teams were (7-2), (7-1) at home, this to be on the road. The lone road Saturday night tilt was a loss at Denver in the ’05 “slots”/division round. Brady and N.E. were ko’d in the ‘offs, 11 times while winning an incredible 6 NFL crowns. Thrice each Brady and N.E. lost at Denver and in the Supe. Four times they lost at home and were overcome at Indianapolis in the ’06 Title tilt. 

The “Brady Bunch” once went to Hawaii, this version (the T.B. Buccaneers) goes to Washington D.C., if it is still there after yesterday’s disgrace, (a man named Brady whose history standard (do not get me wrong he is an all-time great) has and will plummet, both re pig and his playing golf, with that pig) and are 8 to 10 point faves.

Another thing a “man named Brady” has done wrong is pal out with Jim Gray, whose attack on Pete Rose at an all-time honor ceremony, while nothing compared to yesterday, remains a true utter disgrace.

We all need to vent. In some of this, I did that.

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