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It Cost Her/Us, the U.S. Dearly, but Hillary Rodham “Hit It Out,” Calling Trump Supporters Deplorable. It “Roosted” Today, in Washington D.C.

January 6, 2021

In my “little world,” I wrote that encouraged by a deranged lunatic, who was given half and foolishly thought he could not lose (oddly, when he tragically ascended here 4 years ago, he though for sure, he would lose), fringe element, ignorant, actually stupid, DEPLORABLE (it cost her dearly, but oh did Hillary Rodham “hit it out,” with that word, regarding these thugs) people? stormed the nation’s capitol/capital, in an act so sickening, as to make the drain (called by Paar and so far in the wrong direction of par) we already inhabited, a veritable paradise.

This is a horrible new low for this tragically gone wrong, “Land of Plenty” (of what I wonder).

Nobody but me reads that perhaps childish book,  however, maybe some of the many who are consumed by and in PREJUDICE/RACism, continually blaming people, whose ancestors were brought here in chains, for whom I always “looked the other way” (one, my father would still admire for his achievements, but condemn for such thinking, though sadly in this “money is almost all” country, would likely opt for me to give up my soul, rather than starve) will allow, that first by disputing a pretty decisive election result and then by all, but calling for violence, that Trump should be “25th Amendmented” out.

Of course the guy given so much has his appointed lackeys, thus that justice is unlikely.

However, he may not circumvent the justice of a New York court and let’s hope, as with his role model and writer of his “playbook,” Roy Cohn and yes Hitler respectively, that none of those horrible three escape(d) the real “final verdict.”


Many I spoke with call for a much worse fate for him on earth. I am not one of them, for that is to be of him.

Anyway enough, it became a sickening day.

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