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Remembering Floyd Little

January 3, 2021

Yesterday, after hearing the expected death of the great running back and man, Floyd Little, at age 78, I realized I was paying tribute to Mr. Little, listening to the best, each like Floyd, Syracuse University years, (those precious commodities), apart.

The best radio football broadcaster ever, Marty Glickman was calling key runs by the best running back ever, Jim Brown and though Marty loved the team he worked for (the New York football Giants), he always appreciated greatness  displayed by the opposition, particularly so, in the case of Jim Brown.

My mind is scary, memory as cited by Joseph Cotton’s “Leland” in the classic, “Citizen Kane,” a curse, but this one was great.

In defeat, Floyd Little of the Denver Broncos, for whom he played his entire career and stayed in the organization, one which once termed Floyd, “The Franchise,” broke off a long touchdown run.

I remembered listening in those pre home television, yet better NFL days, and Marty’s call and praise of Little, still resonates.

Memories of Floyd at Syracuse, surely with future Dolphins’ great and two time Supe winner, Larry Csonka abound.

Floyd carried on after and in the previous “#44” steps of Jim Brown and Ernie Davis at Syracuse and lived an exemplary life helping people.

I believe Chadwick Boseman, whom we lost so horribly early in what was a fateful (put politely) 2020, played Floyd in the movie “The Express,” about Ernie Davis, dead at the absurd age of 22 (I remember my parents and grandmother saying why medically, but I will never get it–either the reasons for such nor faith, though the latter clearly would help (a la chicken soup “it couldn’t hurt).

Floyd worked hard to become an athletic great, gave his word to Ernie to attend Syracuse and in honor of Floyd, I hail Syracuse for the good and great ones, Jim Brown, Ernie Davis, the real Jim Nance-(sorry but not the hedge fund-“do we have to show them” remarking, golf elitist phony who will call this year’s Supe and spells his name differently and did not attend Syracuse) and hard working, giving Jeff Lovins.

Go run Floyd as so many of us remember how great you did so, that and much more.

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