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AFC Update

January 4, 2021

No significant favorite (one could say the disappointing Miami Dolphins, who were bet from minus 2 to plus 3 plus) lost outright in a not so dramatic but mucho at stake, final week of the 2020 NFL regular season (somehow completed with no cancellations or what would have been worse, forfeits).

The manifestation for the AFC version of the prostituted 6 game wild card round next weekend are as follows, with some notes and comments.

On the exact 28 year anniversary of the Frank Reich led Bills amazing comeback win in a home wild card game, vs the Houston Oilers (now the Tennessee Titans), Reich’s Colts aided by the (13-3, 7 straight rout wins, certainly “covers,” after the B.S. Hail Mary by Arizona (they are out) beat them, Bills (56-26) rout of the (10-6) ‘Phins), now will sojourn to Buffalo in the first of the again, prostituted 6 wild card round games, which, among other negatives, in effect, especially this year with no or a limited number of fans at the games, makes having the 2 seed almost meaningless.

The franchise that lost the memorable game exactly 28 years earlier on another Sunday “Jan” 3rd, the Tennessee Titans “boinked good” and got the “4” seed, no covering the team from their former city, the Houston Texans, and “opened” a 3 plus underdog vs the (11-5) Ravens, the team Tennessee “slot 2’d” going to Baltimore when they were the AFC one seed last season.

Elsewhere, after the (11-5) Cleveland Browns (notes on that and others later in the week), bet to a 10 point favorite, held off the (12-4) Pittsburgh Steelers (24-22), to “qualify,” for the first time in 18 years, and its ‘offs game will be a rematch of the “reg” finale, this time with the Steelers hosting the tilt. In the aforementioned ’02 last Browns’ ‘offs tilt, also at “Pitts,” the Steelers had an amazing comeback win/no cover vs the Browns.

I will have an NFC update and other notes later in the week.

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