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December 23, 2020

Of course the minimum 10 to 1 underdog Jets and 6 to 1 such, Bengals pulling upsets on consecutive days was a big surprise, even a shocking one–however, remember seemingly, only the one seed matters and neither upset “victim,” the 1979 season Supe opponents, the Steelers and Rams, will miss the ‘offs and this type loss, I believe will benefit them.

Do not get me wrong, both teams need to fix things, but there is an intangible here. I recall that the last time the New York Knicks won the NBA crown, that way back in 1973, they lost to a Philadelphia 76ers team, in a fairly late regular season game, that finished the season with but 9 wins in 82 games.

My Packers/Bills Supe “ticket” at 45 to 1 (only 5 bucks, that is why it might cash) looks better, as G.B. is a likely “1” seed while the Bills currently are the once so important, “2” seed.

Speaking of the “2” seed and the fact that the top two seeds got wild card round byes (that format of 6 ‘offs teams and two wild card round games was in effect for 30 seasons (‘1990-2019), (no longer the case as there will be 3 wild card round games in each conference and only the one seed avoids that consternation), hail Bill “Did not know the Colts, and not the Giants as he erroneously stated, were 1958 Title Game favorites” Belichick. 

This past week of play his Pats were put out of the ‘offs, without a whimper (third overall miss, they missed in ’08, despite an (11-5) mark and that year were sans a “a man named Brady.”).

The Pats, from ’01-2019 were “division round/”slots” hosts, meaning they were afforded a game at their ‘hotel,” not the other guy’s, in an incredible 14 of those seasons, including the last ten (2010-2019).

A final thought: I was too tired and of course missed the great Jets/Bengals opportunity.

Send Kirk Herbstreit an invoice, this guy’s mouth has been seismically changed by the continual insertion of his foot, as he virtually guaranteed a Steelers’ victory on the air.

Learn Mr. Herbstreit, but you get paid a ridiculous amount, essentially not to and you keep on saying anything. Any wonder we got Trump and there were and sadly will be others, as they just say anything getting paid whether true, as often this lowest common denominator genre sticks and ALWAYS STINKS!!!

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