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NFL Top Seeds Notes

December 21, 2020

Both conference top seeds, Supe 1 entrants, Green Bay (Packers) and defending champion Kansas City (Chiefs) won “on the #” and are likely to be their respective conference’s top seeds.

With Kansas City’s help, (they on the #’d (10-4) New Orleans, whose Brees returned but he was not quite “Fab”) the (11-3) Packers, now have a magic # of 1 to finish ahead of New Orleans. They may need 2 of 4 decisions to finish ahead of (10-4) Seattle, but for now, I am not checking into it.

Green Bay which won by 8 Saturday night (I am so proud to say neither NFL game came on here for a second that day) likely will be the NFC “1” seed and with “Bell” on them at “10” to 1 to title, their last was “10” years ago in 20″10,” look out!

The Chiefs have won 22 of their last 23 games, but have failed to cover in 6 straight wins, the latest in their “on the #” “Hedge Fund Poo” Nantz tilt, that significantly delayed “60 Minutes,” as the game ended say 8 minutes before 8 Eastern Time.

K.C. is the likely AFC one seed and is only a slight underdog to repeat as Supe champions.

I say they will not, (’83 Washington anybody?) In other words, they are really good, better than in the previous year’s  title season, but somehow, they will not repeat as title winners.

However, tread lightly on that, unless you have been “cashing” vs them in this 6 week period. Did not they once have a player named Cash, Keith, I believe.

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