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NFL Exact 50 Years Notes And My Strong, Perhaps Not Advisable, But Sincere Opinions

December 24, 2020

This NFL season’s penultimate week has 4 games (one on Friday/tomorrow/Christmas Day and three on Saturday) before eleven on Sunday and one on Monday night, thankfully the last Monday night (at least this season, but do not count on it being the end, unless Santa can change both the “clause” and the “dire course” we are on, enabling Levy and his ilk) of Steve ‘pivotal 7th game” Levy, who also stuck a veritable knife into Browns’ fans and certainly bettors, with his caustic “that’s how this should end remark,” after the Ravens “burn covered the Browns with a lateral/bs/ safety on Monday night December 14th.

This arrogant, “rich boy” has had the world handed to him on a silver platter. He has no play by play ability, (obviously his dearth of talent better hidden on television, than when he did not even attempt real play by play (this because, a la Suzyn Waldman, another of the many “thorns” to contemplate this season, by perhaps Scrooge like me, certainly bitter me, he CAN NOT do it) yet advances and is extremely arrogant.

Again “invoices” are appropriate, from those who lost that Balt/Cleve tilt, as his remark was exponentially “salt in the wound,” and surely Mr. Levy knew the point spread ramifications.

Now after my vitriol, stuff you will not get elsewhere.

This weekend Saturday December 26th and Sunday December 27th, marks the exact 50 year anniversary of the first 4 games divisional round/the slots NFL weekend.

5 of the 8 franchises playing before Saturday were among the 8 “first 4 team “div” round” participants 50 years earlier.

The (6-8) Vikings visiting the (10-4) Saints on Friday, lost at home in the slot 3/earlier Sunday tilt, exactly 50 years ago this Sunday.

San Francisco, but (5-9) this season and a long shot payout as a “worst to first in its division,” after blowing a significant Supe lead vs K.C. last season, was the team that beat the Vikings, that Sunday.

I believe Vikings’ coach Bud Grant, (a true gentleman, on one of the 17 Lakers’ titles and by the way, I do not fear LA and James this season, as I no longer care,  still going at 93) did not allow his team to use heaters on the Metropolitan Stadium sidelines that day.

This Saturday, only on Amazon Prime ( seemingly everywhere I go there is an Amazon truck or package, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Remember that, but also Mr. Bezos, there is that saying about getting to heaven, a needle and being rich) Arizona (8-6) and ahead for the last ‘offs spot, is the S.F. opponent.

In the first ever NFC “div” game, the Detroit Lions (they are (5-9) this season and in what is incredible ineptitude have but one ‘offs win since copping their third title of the 1950’s, ripping the Browns in the ’57 NFL title tilt), lost (5-0), yes FIVE to NOTHING, at Dallas, vs the Cowboys.

Exactly 50 years later on another Saturday December 26th, the Lions are in action, hosting the (9-5) T.B. Buccaneers. The Bucs’ QB, “a man named Brady,” will almost certainly be in the ‘offs, for an astounding 18th time in the 19 seasons, in which he played in more than one game.

Finally, there is an actual 50 years later redux of a 1970 “slots” tilt, this one day less than 50 years later, when the Raiders, then in Oakland, in between in L.A. and back in Oakland and now representing Las Vegas, as hell actually did “freeze over” (guess it should have been the Eagles in Las Vegas) hosting Miami (Dolphins) Saturday night.

The Raiders were home winners that Sunday in slot 4 in ’70, with ex ‘Phin, Jim Warren scoring on an interception return, to I believe, wrap the game. This year, the Raiders very likely will fail to make the ‘offs, while likely “Mia” needs to win both its remaining games, to qualify for the ‘offs for just the second time in twelve seasons.

I guess apologies to some, for my rage vs most current announcers, but I “lived it, ate it, practiced it,” but did not go out and get it.

Alas, I did not have a rich, well placed father as Levy did or does.

Another alas or at least perhaps—– that is no excuse!!

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