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Hard To Deal With “The Wag,” Fowler/Herbstreit and “I seen you” Maria Taylor

December 19, 2020

It is offensive listening to the opinionated, prostituted views of Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit, the latter at best a mediocre college quarterback, who again and again sticks his foot in his mouth.

Once again in a big game, someone, this time Clemson, as was the case in the ’18 semis, ripped Notre Dame. Then the score was (31-3), this time (34-10) as Clemson won their 6th straight A.C.C. title which will lead to a 6th consecutive  appearance in the 4 team playoff. 

Fowler and Herbstreit think and let’s face it, hope Notre Dame will be in that 4 team playoff. Hopefully they will not, but tv wags the ways and “play for the tie in ’66,” “vaulted Alabama in ’77” and “benefitted when Johnson did not play for the tie in ’88,” Notre Dame still looms.

My four and this before Bama/Florida and no matter that result, would not include them.

Even worse, though it does not bother me as much, Maria Taylor, this is not about her outfit, no she said I SEEN you. That is embarrassing, that is glaring and the sad thing is that it does not matter to the bean counters/executives who pick types, such as arrogant Fowler and others.

Below another Fowler, Scott Fowler, I am reasonably sure, no relation does not think they deserve an ‘offs spot either.


Scott Fowler: Notre Dame shouldn’t make College Football ..




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