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NFC Update And Opinions (You Know What They Say About Opinions)

November 19, 2020

I might, (emphasize might) watch tonight’s (6-3) Arizona (way too much hype for the Murray to Hopkins “Hail Mary” TD, as great a play as each made, it is still a worse play by the three “would be” (a Marty Glickman term) Buffalo defenders) at (6-3) Seattle tilt. I do not lay (points that is, not doing too well in that other use/jargon either), but I will pick 3 point favorite, Seattle to win by say 7 points. The very hot Owen will likely “tease up” (plus 10 or more con Arizona).

Anyone of the four teams (Philadelphia, Dallas, the Giants or the Washington football team) can win, the far less than average NFC East. Noting the Giants have either won or covered the spread in 8 of their 10 tilts, that with a (3-7) record.

The Green Bay Packers are going to be (I substitute NFC North champions for NFL champions, from the great Ted Moore call, after Bart Starr “snuck” G.B. to the ’67 NFL title) NFC North champions.

They also have as good a chance as any team to win it all, with the possible exception, of the defending champion K.C. Chiefs.

New Orleans has a one and a fraction game, loss column lead over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFC South.

Out (NFC)West, the L.A. Rams also enter the week with a (6-3) record.

I do not like the night games, (the NFL is overexposed) however, tonight Sunday night’s K.C. vs Las Vegas (of course I almost wrote Oakland and memories of Fred Biletnikoff and Otis Taylor flash, Otis can not walk and I wonder if the NFL or K.C. has done enough to help Otis and others like him. I did not wonder long. The answer is a disgraceful NO. Bob Costas, I believe “backpedaled” a bit, as his once beloved baseball gets more and more prostituted, however, he clearly will be on the right side of history, as he walked away from football, citing its inherent dangers) and Monday’s redux of two “9” year (’79 and ’99) NFC title tilts, matching the Rams and Buccaneers are games that are tempting to watch. I MIGHT just do so.


refer to caption

Maybe you can tell I once loved this stuff.

The photo above, depicting what I would guess to be a great catch by Fred Biletnikoff in the 1964 season Gator Bowl, played on Saturday January 2, 1965 (I have a nice memory of watching that game with my father as Fred’s name and especially his great performance stood out) is small but meaningful.

Notice the Gator Bowl banner in the distance.

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