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My Prediction Almost Hits

November 20, 2020

I did not do too bad in my first prediction in a long time yesterday as I wrote Seattle by say 7 points and they won (28-21) vs Arizona and now lead in the NFC West.

Alas, in a free/have to get the exact score correct to win, I “educated guess” (27-20) Sea and you know close only counts in the old days of dancing or horseshoes. (Get grenades and the ridiculous over hype for the military away from me. I credit those who “served” (so do waiters!), but why do I have to bow to that fact?!!) Read Howard Bryant on that subject.

Now a reference to a fictional shooting: Tonight is the 40 year anniversary to the day, (tomorrow it is to the date, Friday November 21, 1980) of the “Who shot J.R.” episode on the seminal show, “Dallas.”

By the way, treat the veterans well and my feelings have always been let’s have peace and stop killing each other.

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