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Ed Walsh And Harvey Haddix Great Pitching Feats

March 14, 2020

One can make the case Ed Walsh had baseball’s greatest pitching season and that Harvey Haddix turned in the greatest pitched game.

Surely each feat is among the best.

I link Ed Walsh and Harvey Haddix, as stated in yesterday’s post, (Dorothy Schiff has “spun” more times than any hit record), because Walsh died on the day Haddix of the Pittsburgh Pirates, pitched 12 perfect innings (vs the 2 time N.L. champion, hard hitting Milwaukee Braves) only to lose, on May 26, 1959.

Walsh hurled a post 1900 record sure to last many moons, if not forever, 464 innings and won 40 games in 1908.


Harvey Haddix 1953.png

Harvey Haddix, pictured above, won 2 games in the 1960 World Series, including game 7.



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